Extended Day

Enrichment Program - 2021-2022

Contact Information:
Robin Beltz
Extended Day Director
[email protected]
(407) 296-5100 ext. 2233

Important Documents

Extended Day Registration Form

Scholarship Application 2021-2022

The Extended Day Enrichment Program offers supervision and a variety of enrichment activities for K-8 age children to support and promote student achievement. This program is fee-supported by those using its services. Daily activities may include homework time, supervised structured play, art, drama, crafts, music, dance, educational hands-on activities and organized team sports.

Children in the program are carefully supervised. Parents or guardians are required to sign their children in and out of the Extended Day Enrichment Program. Children are released to persons authorized in writing on the registration form on file with the program. Persons not recognized by the staff will be asked to show identification. Special instructions pertaining to a child's care should be given in writing to the site coordinator. Each Extended Day Enrichment Program has a telephone number for emergency communication.

Hours of Operation
Standard hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The program operates every day that school is in regular session.

Discipline and student conduct in Extended Day shall be consistent with the standards for the school day as outlined in the Orange County School Board Code of Student Conduct. Age appropriate, constructive disciplinary practices will be followed. Extended Day staff members use positive reinforcement whenever possible to encourage proper behavior. Children may not be subjected to discipline which is severe, humiliating or frightening. Discipline may not be associated with food, rest or toileting. Spanking or any other form of physical punishment is prohibited. Behavior standards will seek to establish a balance between individual rights and collective rights. Parents will be notified of recurring behavior problems. At the program coordinator's discretion, with approval from the principal, a child can be suspended/expelled from the program for chronic behavior problems.

Children with Disabilities
A child with disabilities who receives educational services at a school other than his/her "home" school during the regular academic school year, may attend the Extended Day Enrichment Program at either the child's "home" school or at the school the child regularly attends. Any attendance restrictions (enrollment limits, waiting lists, etc.) apply to all students regardless of handicapping conditions. The program does not offer medical or nursing services.

Emergency /Illness
In the event of a medical emergency, staff members will attempt to contact parents or guardians at the phone numbers listed on the registration form for their specific instructions regarding action to be taken. If parents cannot be reached, the site coordinator will take necessary actions.

Child Care Credit
Expenses for afterschool program services qualify for income tax child care credit. When completing Internal Revenue Service Form W-10, list the name of the dependent care provider as the School Board of Orange County, Florida, followed by the particular elementary school in parentheses. The address for the School Board of Orange County should be listed as P.O. Box 271, Orlando, Florida 32802.
The Taxpayer Identification Number is 59-6000-771. Weekly receipts are issued and need to be kept for income tax reporting. Annual statements, for tax purposes, are available upon request.   Please speak with your child's Program Coordinator.

Student accident insurance is provided for each participant. This coverage is in effect only during the Extended Day Enrichment Program. The coverage is extremely limited and generally pays only a limited portion of medical expenses incurred. Parents are encouraged to secure other insurance.

The fee schedule for the Extended Day Enrichment Program is uniform throughout the district. Fees are approved by the School Board of Orange County. An annual registration fee of $12 is required. All fees are weekly whether the child attends full time or part time. Credit cannot be given for absences. If a child is absent for a full week, no charge will be made for that week.

Financial assistance is available through the OCPS scholarship program. For more information call 407.317.3383. Fees are due and payable on Monday for the current week. A student will be withdrawn from the program for nonpayment of tuition. The Florida-State Constitution (Article VII, Section 10) requires tuition to be paid in advance.

Standard Extended Day Fees (Approved 8/1/2021)


Habitual tardiness in picking-up of children will result in dismissal from the program. It may be necessary to initiate abandoned child procedures for children remaining in the Extended Day site after closing.